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Coffee Drips are an ecological solution to serve you favorite coffee on a single mug with hot water. The material used on the drips is biodegradable.





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Acidity and medium body. Fragrant aroma, soft chocolate and caramel flavor, sweet fruity notes.





Our coffees are the compilation of years of research, travel, adventures, people, landscapes and many tasting cups to select the best coffees in Colombia and perhaps in the world.

This coffee is grown by Colombian peasants from the Quindió region, a region known worldwide for its excellence in its coffee plantations. A fertile and healthy land that is worked every day by the experience of people who have been surrounded by coffee all their lives and have collected ancestral knowledge that today translates into a superior coffee.

This Excelso Chuapa coffee was carefully selected to maintain a high level of aroma and flavor quality. It is a soft, tall coffee that has an acidity and a medium body. Its fragrant aroma that activates the olfactory sense makes it quite special and its subtle chocolate and caramel flavor, mixed with a fruity sweet notes will make your moments something unforgettable.

10 Pack

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How to Use

Tear along perforation to open coffee filter

Pull hanger away from filter, hang on the cup.

Pour 1oz. boiled water to saturate grounds, after 15 secs slowly pour 5oz. of hot water. Remove filter and enjoy!

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The best things take time. A dedicated coffee,
with an unforgettable scent.

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