A special coffee,
with colonial sense
thought to transcend

Our coffee is witness to the love for our processes. We are curious, tireless and even stubborn when it comes to coffee. We seek in each part of the Chuapa Coffee process to always be better and judiciously we seek perfection from the cultivation to the delivery of the products in your hands.

Before we start...


from the crop
To your cup.

Our process starts from the thorough and thorough selection of a crop that meets several key factors for the production of quality coffee. Factors such as its environmental footprint, its irrigation processes and pest control.

Perfectly Dried
And Roasted

We monitor and take care that the coffee is dried in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. A natural drying, at the sun, where nature itself is responsible for giving that masterful touch of Colombian coffee.

In our quest to provide a delightful coffee drinking experience to every consumer, we always endeavor to respect the most accurate methods and precise timings to ensure a perfect roasting.

Delivering Quality
And Reliable Coffee

We do all this with a single purpose: To deliver quality coffee at a competitive value as specialty coffee superior to those regular coffee. Our coffees have quality seals and protected geographical indication. So enjoy live unique moments with the delicious aroma and flavor of our Chuapa coffees.

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