Coffee is written
with “c” as “Chuapa”


Our Story


The Chuapa Comestibles Company S.A.S was founded in January 2019 by a couple, Marleny del Pilar Gonzalez and François Le Goadec.

They conceived the idea of thier bussines and brand during many trips and stays in the Quindío department in the Central region of Colombia, more precisely in the Cocora Valley, in the village of Salento, located between the towns of Armenia and Pereira.

Colombian Artist Marleny del Pilar Gonzalez painted an awarded canvas depicting a landscape from The Valley of Corora.

The artist called the painting “Chuapa” in tribute to this slender and elegant palm tree. This is also a reference to botanist José Celestino Mutis, who in 1783 launched the Royal Botanical Expedition of the New Kingdom of Grenada. The expedition lasted for 33 years during the reign of Charles III of Spain.

During this expedition, José Celestino Mutis travelled to the Cocora Valley and was awestruck, as we are now, by the beauty and size of the Wax Palm Trees. He asked the native people what they were called, and was told CHUAPA.

“In tribute to this superb region, to all the emotions it has inspired in us and to the flavorful coffee produced there, which we distribute, we naturally chose the name CHUAPA for our brand.”

— Marleny del Pilar Gonzalez and François Le Goadec, founders of Café Chuapa

The Founders

This Colombian-French couple decided to leave the tranquility of a comfortable and quiet life in France to settle in Medellín and start their coffee brand that highlights the main product of the Colombian land, Its coffee.

François Le Goadec

Marleny Gonzalez

Our Clients

Despite its very short history, Chuapa has gathered a prestigious client list. Café Chuapa commercializes its coffees to many restaurants, hotels, cafés, and pastry shops. These are some of our happy clients.

To The Environment

We love our planet that’s why we are 100% committed with the environment and leave a better place to our sons.

We produce coffees using the eco-friendly semi lavado and natural methods. The processing, pulping and drying do not use water.

In July 2019, we began our contribution campaign: for every bag of coffee sold, Chuapa decided to donate $1.000 COP  to a reforestation project. We chose the “AYAPEL REVERDECE” project, whose goal is to plant one million trees in the Cienaga de Ayapel, an area deforested by illegal mining.

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